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Great Fire 1666: The Great Fire of London in Minecraft

To mark the 350th anniversary of the most devastating fire in the city's history, the Museum of London has created Great Fire 1666, an exciting virtual experience in the Minecraft computer game. Great Fire 1666 features a new set of Minecraft maps which will offer a unique and immersive perspective on the Great Fire of London. We’ve worked with brilliant Minecrafters to build a detailed virtual model of 17th century London – and then burn it down.

Inspired by the Museum of London’s rich collections, the Great Fire 1666 maps allow Minecraft players to explore the City of London and experience the story of the fire like never before. Uncover the causes of this terrible event, help fight the fire and eventually try your hand at rebuilding London. Each map will include challenges that help players delve deeper into the story and experience what it was like to be part of the Great Fire.

A view of the City of London in 1666, before the Great Fire, rendered in the Minecraft video game.

London before the Great Fire of 1666

Image created in Minecraft by Blockworks.

The Museum of London has worked with some of the world’s best Minecraft professionals to create these maps, combining our knowledge and collections with their creative minds to bring history to life.

Three maps will be released over the next nine months, covering London before the fire, the four days of the Great Fire itself and after the fire.

Screenshot of Minecraft Great Fire 1666 map showing London before the Great Fire.

The streets of London before the Great Fire

Image created by Blockworks.

Great Fire 1666 maps will be available for all existing Minecraft players and are free to download.

Available now

Pre-fire London (click to download)

The fire (click to download)

Coming soon

Post-fire (March 2017)

101 ideas for Minecraft Learners [67]: the Great Fire of London, by Wizard Keen

Frequently asked questions & installation guide

Great Fire 1666 is a collaboration with Adam Clarke, Digital producer, game designer Dragnoz and mapbuilders Blockworks.

Look out for #GreatFire1666 on social media to see the latest updates.

Learn more about the Great Fire of 1666 and experience 17th century London for yourself at our interactive and exciting exhibition Fire! Fire! 23 July 2016 – 17 April 2017, tickets from £8 for adults, £4 for children.