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A child puts his hand into a paper theatre

Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 February

Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey
Saturday 13 February, 11am - 4pm 

Saturday 13 February, 11am – 4pm
Keep the celebrations for Chinese New Year going at the Museum of London Docklands! Watch and learn traditional Chinese dancing, hear enchanting folktales and create your own masterpieces all inspired by this colourful holiday.
Suggested ages: 5+

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Heroes at half term
Sunday 14 - Saturday 20 February

From four-legged firefighters to Suffragette struggles, we find out what makes a London hero with a week of fun, hands-on activities.

Heroes with grimy faces
Sunday 14 February, 12-1.30pm & 2.30-4pm
London has survived many fires throughout history, including the Great Fire of London, the Tooley Street Fire and the bombing raids on London’s Docklands. Create your own fiery scene complete with our ‘heroes with grimy faces’, as Winston Churchill called firefighters, in this art workshop.
Suggested ages: 5+

Hero boogie
Monday 15 February, 11-11.45am, 12-12.45pm & 2-2.45pm
Come and boogie, jig and jive with us in our dance inspired by heroes of the docklands, in this session created for toddlers and their parents or carers.
Suggested ages: 1-5
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Strike a light
Monday 15 February, 12-12.45pm, 2-2.45pm & 3-3.45pm
Meet Mary Driscoll as she recounts the struggles and successes of London’s match girls who went on strike for better pay and working conditions.
Suggested ages: 5+

Rip the rescue dog
Tuesday 16 February, 12-12.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
Hear the story of Rip the rescue dog, a brave animal who saved many Londoners trapped in the rubble of docklands bombed out buildings in the Second World War.
Suggested ages: 5+

Unlikely heroes
Tuesday 16 February, 12-1.30pm & 2.30-4pm
Celebrate London’s unsung heroes in this art workshop where we recognise the important wartime effort of the people who kept London’s dockers fed during the Second World War.
Suggested ages: 5+

Heroes of history
Wednesday 17 February, 12-12.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
Which hero of London's past would make the best Mayor of London? Boudicca? Dick Whittington? Hear their stories and cast your vote at this interactive storytelling session.
Suggested ages: 5+

The Great Stink
Wednesday 17 February, 12-1.30pm & 2.30-4pm
What was the Great Stink? Learn about Dr. John Snow and Joseph Bazalgette, whose ideas about clean water improved the lives of thousands of Londoners. Celebrate these heroes by adding to our collaborative River Thames and watch as the water is transformed.
Suggested ages: 5+

Future legends
Thursday 18 February 12-1.30pm & 2.30-4pm
Who was considered a hero in London's past? Explore the stories of heroes from long ago and then create your own future legends of London. Who will the heroes of tomorrow be?
Suggested ages: 5+

Support the Suffragettes
Thursday 18 February, 12-1.30pm & 2.30-4pm
Support the Suffragettes who bravely fought for women’s right to vote by creating a badge like the ones proudly worn by many of these heroines.
Suggested ages: 5+

Underground heroes
Friday 19 February, 12-1.30pm, 2.30-4pm
Many people travel on the London Underground but few people know Harry Beck who created the first London Underground Map. Be inspired by Beck’s work and design a unique London map showing all of your favourite places in London.
Suggested ages: 5+

London’s Viking hero
Friday 19 February, 11am-2pm
Find out all about St. Olaf, the Viking that saved London, by looking at and handling some real objects from London’s Viking past.
Suggested ages: 5+ 

Chance the fire dog
Saturday 20 February, 12-12.30pm, 2-2.30pm & 3-3.30pm
Join us for the tale of Chance, the fire dog who worked with the London Fire Brigade during the Victorian period. Hear about how this furry hero risked life and paw to save Londoners across the city.
Suggested ages: 5+

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