Current projects

Many East Ends: We have been exploring life and change in the East End within living memory. We have opened a small display at Docklands to share some of the work which includes a map locating the geographical heart of the East End by Adam Dant and an East End monopoly board by young Londoners. Please see further details on our Many East Ends exhibition page 

Previous projects

Cycling 2013: We commissioned Illustrator Ugo Gattoni, the creative force behind Bicycle for London 2012 to create 10 drawings reflecting London cyclists for a new exhibition at the museum in the summer of 2013. These illustrations, inspired by Londoners submitting photographs of themselves and their bikes, showed the huge diversity of cycling styles seen on the streets of our City. We are also creating a film to explore cycling cafe culture.

Stories of the World: This a national project that encouraged young people in the UK to explore, engage with and influence museum collections and historic sites. In London alone the project intensively engaged 1,000 young people aged 14 – 24 from across 23 museums, challenging them to tell their stories, and the stories of the world, through a wide variety of activities. We worked with young Londoners and a range of youth organisations over three years to reinterpret Roman collections and create the Our Londinium exhibition.

Breaking into the Museum: In partnership with Manifesta Young Londoners worked in the Galleries of Modern London to produce a film  inspired by a particular object in the collection, ranging from the Wellclose prison cell to the Mobira mobile phone.

In the Picture: In partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Trust Londoners developed artworks for a display in response to the following question. A statue of Robert Milligan stands outside the Museum of London Docklands. Robert Milligan was an 18th century sugar trader. His business was inextricably linked to the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Is this statue appropriate? If not, who, or what else could stand in his place?

Brixton Riots: Working with SoundDelivery Londoners delved into the lives of people who experienced the Brixton Riots of April 1981, a key event in London's modern story. The resulting interviews revealed some of the fascinating and intimate stories behind the headlines. From John Callaghan who watched the Riots from the roof of his home, then spent the following days photographing the devastation, to Siobhan Dempsey who recalls the community camaraderie she shared with customers in the pub she had to stay in, unable to leave all night.

Belonging: This oral history project resulted in an exhibition which shared the voices, memories and successes of people who have found refuge in the capital. All have certain experiences and concerns in common, but each person's story is unique. They offer different perspectives on being a refugee, on London, and on what it means to belong.