What do we offer HE lecturers, groups and students?

The Museum works with thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and researchers every year.

Acting as a mirror, editor, repository, vocational training ground, and a site for research and debate, we give unparalleled insight into the social, cultural and urban history of London - from pre-historic times to the present day.

Learn more about the collections at the Museum of London, and how they can support research, in the film below.

Get involved

Through courses, projects, talks, placements, PhD research support and visits behind the scenes, students can gain unique access to our collections, experts, stores, library and archives. 

We work with over 80 different universities in London, the UK and overseas, ranging from one-off talks to long-term partnerships. Popular areas of study range from archaeology, medieval history, fashion and geography, to visual culture, conservation, the transatlantic slave trade, literature, politics and museum studies. 

For further information and to get involved, please explore the following links:

TNS_WestminsterStudents2.gif Courses, summer schools & talks
Find out about how you can take part in the courses that we run with universities, our museum-based MA modules, and our on-request talks.
TNS_Student_projects_thumbnail_on_main_page.gif Student projects 
Deliberately experimental in nature, these projects are committed to nurturing emerging student practice, viewing students as creative partners.
TNS_resources_for_research_thumbnail_on_main_page.gif Resources for research 
From our library and archives to our in-house experts and online information, the Museum is a vital research centre for students.

If you have a query about working with the Museum of London in a HE capacity please send your query to