Basic Object Handling (1 of 8)

How do I lift an object?

Once you have assessed the object, and identified whether more than one person is required to lift it, you are ready to go ahead.

Lifting an object alone

Remove any loose parts, these should be handled separately.

Lift the object from its underneath, NOT by handles, spouts, etc.

Always use both hands to support the object, and ensure that the weight of the object is centred. It is good practice to have one hand underneath the object and the other cradling it, supporting its weight.

It is advisable to carry out a test lift to assess the weight distribution of the object, and to ensure that all parts of it are attached and stable. It is better that a piece of the object becomes detached at a height of a couple of centimetres above a padded surface than from waist height onto a solid floor!! Once you are happy that the object is safe in your hands then you can lift it properly.