Basic Object Handling (3 of 8)

How do I move an object?

When you have assessed the object, and the route that it is going to be taken along, you will have identified whether more than one person is required to move the object.

Moving an object alone

If you only have a short distance to move the object then it can be carried by hand. Only ever carry one object at a time by hand. Carrying two objects together can allow abrasion between the two, and increases the likelihood of one or both of the objects being dropped.

For moving more than one object at a time, or for longer distances, you should place the objects in a box or tray, with packaging that provides adequate support. This support will stop the objects from sliding or abrading whist the box or tray is carried. Refer to the e-learning tools on Packing Museum Objects for more details on packing.

If a trolley is being used, ensure that all the objects, or trays of objects, are securely placed on the trolley and cannot become dislodged.

Ensure all parts of the object are moved, including any labels.