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The Museum of London is a unique venue for evening events and an ideal setting no matter the occasion.

View of the Victorian Walk

The Victorian Walk

A recreated Victorian Street, available for events

The Entrance Hall

Arriving in the striking Entrance Hall, guests will be greeted by our welcoming hosts. The contemporary open space with futuristic bar can be used for a drinks reception before moving through to the Sackler Hall or used as an event space in its own right.


Reception – 400
Dinner – 200
Cabaret – 180

Combined with our galleries and The Sackler Hall
Reception – 1000

Sackler Hall events space with table settings

The Sackler Hall

With its plasma screen the hall is perfect for award ceremonies and presentations.

The Sackler Hall

A unique event space in the heart of the museum, with a show-stopping digital ellipse and plasma screen. Choose from endless possibilities of decor and presentation, from a twinkling chandelier to your own bespoke display. Perfect for award ceremonies, and celebrations.


Reception – 600
Dinner – 420 or 260 within the 360 degree digital ellipse

Combined with our galleries and the Entrance Hall
Reception – 1000

Gallery with large picture

The galleries

Guests can appreciate London's remarkable history while enjoying an event.

The Galleries

The award-winning galleries, which tell the amazing story of the world’s most exciting city and its people, have all been designed with events in mind. Guests can experience London’s history from 450,000 BC right up to the present day as they approach the main event space in the Sackler Hall. More intimate events can be held in the museum’s galleries using one or more spaces.

Gallery for hire

Gallery packages

Host your banquets and events from 20 to 200 guests.

Gallery packages

Drinks receptions can take place in the stunning 17th century Pleasure Gardens. Guests will then move on to the Victorian Walk, strolling through streets from 150 years ago. Dinner can be served in the People’s City Gallery, next to the original art deco lift from Selfridges and a 1903 taxi. The Mediaeval Gallery is a unique dining space for 30 guests.


Reception – 20-200
Dinner – 20-70

Olympic Cauldron in Designing a Moment Gallery

Designing a Moment gallery

The 2012 Olympic Cauldron is the stunning centrepiece of the gallery

Designing a Moment: London 2012 Olympic Cauldron

The Museum of London’s newest gallery, Designing a Moment: The London 2012 Cauldron, is now available for hire. This is a unique opportunity to give your guests exclusive access to the London 2012 Cauldron as part of a breakfast or evening event. It can form part of a larger event or act as a venue in its own right.


Reception – 70
Dinner – 50

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