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    Museum of London reveals DDR packages to celebrate most successful business year to date

    Award-winning, charitable institution the Museum of London is celebrating its most successful business year to date following strong growth and a record amount of event bookings.

    Over the last few months, the Museum of London has also seen a significant increase in the number of training and graduate recruitment companies looking for longer term bookings to fulfil their compliance training needs. In response to this growing trend, the Museum of London Docklands will be offering a special reduced DDR rate for long term bookers (minimum of 2 month hire for same room) at the reduced DDR rate of £49.00+VAT (subject to minimum numbers per room.)

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    Christmas parties

    Located in the heart of the City, the Museum of London provides an incredible backdrop for your company’s Christmas celebration.

    This festive season, the museum will transport you back in time to the great Frost Fairs of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when Londoners came out to play on the frozen river Thames.

    Together with Moving Venue, the museum reveals a delectable selection of reception and dinner packages to perfectly complement your Christmas event.

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    Votes for Women

    This year, the Museum of London is celebrating the centenary of some women achieving the vote with a display dedicated to the inspirational Suffragettes who campaigned for this cause

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