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Work-life balance

Creating a healthy work-life balance is highly important to our Museum of Londoners.

We all work hard to make sure the best exhibitions are delivered, but we also make sure that this is balanced allowing our staff to spend time with family, friends and colleagues, and to live a healthy life.

We run two regular sports groups; Rundinium (pun intended) was created three years ago by eager Museum of Londoners who wanted to get more of their colleagues into running. They were supported by the museum to gain their running trainer’s licence and started the club. Rundinium meets every Monday.

Seven of the runners in our Rundinium group stand side by side


Run the rotunda and beyond!

“I founded Rundinium, the museum’s running group, as a way of sharing my passion for running, and the physical and mental health benefits that it brings. Our friendly, weekly run brings together colleagues of all running abilities from across the museum, inspiring them to take up running, push themselves further and, most importantly, enjoy it. We sometimes even enter races together, and like to socialise too! The fantastic support and camaraderie between colleagues means that each run usually ends with smiles all round, no matter how hard it may have been.”

Sean O'Sullivan, Head of Commercial Services

The museum also offers discounted weekly yoga classes which are very popular amongst our staff.

Staff sitting on yoga mats during a Museum of London yoga class

Re-balance and restore

Enjoy discounted yoga sessions.

Wellbeing is about having good physical and mental health. We provide staff with an employee assistance programme and we run a lot of staff social events. These include our pub quizzes, foodie treats and lots of other surprises throughout the year.

Not every member of our staff is directly involved in our exhibitions or always has the time to see it outside of working hours. So when a new exhibition opens we organise an exclusive evening viewing for our staff and their friends and families to share what they have been working on with their closest ones.

“Work is a major part of our lives so being able to share it with friends and family at an event like this is wonderful. It gives them insight into our working world and that is quite special.”

Emma Levy, Learning and Development Manager
A Museum of London staff member with her mother at a Family and Friends event

Friends and family events

Enjoy exclusive viewings of our exhitions with your loved ones.