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The role of our governors

Our board keeps sight of our mission and goals and helps us deliver our plans for the museum.

Composition of the board

There are eighteen governors of the Museum of London. Nine are appointed by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and nine by the City of London Corporation.

From the nine City appointments, up to three can be appointments made from outside the Court of Common Council, including one appointment representing London Councils.

Governors can serve for up to four years and are eligible for reappointment. They appoint their chair from among themselves.

Register of interests

A register of interests is kept up to date for each trustee so that any potential conflicts of interest between trustees’ private, professional, political and business activities, and those of the Museum of London (including those of trustees' close family and household members) can be identified. The register is available upon request. For details, read our freedom of information page.

The board, which meets quarterly, is the strategic decision making body of the museum.

Standards and efficiency

The board will at all times:

  • observe the highest standards of integrity and objectivity in relation to stewardship of public funds and management of the museum
  • Comply with all reasonable requests for information from the City of London Corporation and the Greater London Authority, users of services and individual citizens, in line with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act
  • be accountable to the City of London Corporation and the GLA, users of services, individual citizens and staff for the activities of the Museum, their stewardship of public funds, and the extent to which key performance targets and objectives have been met
  • maximise value for money through ensuring that services are delivered in the most efficient and economical way, within available resources.