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Our strategy and vision

This plan sets the direction for the most exciting time in our history. By 2028 Museum of London will have become London Museum, a shared place in the middle of it all where all our city's stories cross and collide.

Visitors to Smithfield will be able to explore our historic and contemporary galleries in the General Market or head to West Poultry Avenue for cutting-edge, real-time multimedia exhibits. Our Research Centre will be established, and work on the temporary exhibition spaces, learning centre, and collections stores in the Poultry Market will be well underway.

Meanwhile, as planning for Smithfield swings into delivery, London Museum Docklands will move to centre stage. Commercially successful exhibitions will enhance the offer to visitors and sit alongside new ways of telling the globally important history of the transatlantic slave trade and London's docks. In its Docklands home, London Museum will become a more meaningful and powerful place for all nearby residents.

Our strategic objectives for the period 2023–2028 are to:

  • Build our new future
  • Reach more people than ever before
  • Stretch thinking
  • Engage all young Londoners
  • Transform ourselves for a better world