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Our strategy and vision

A strategic plan to take the museum to 2023.

Director Sharon Ament talks about her vision for the museum.


At the Museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands, we connect people with the lived experience of London. The story we tell is one of place and people, evolving through interaction and exchange. We capture the capital’s complexity and contrasts through the London Collection. Through all our activities we contribute to London’s cultural, educational, international and economic impetus. We summarise what we do in three words: We Are London. It is at once our aspiration and our mandate.

The next five years will be an extraordinary time, as we maintain two vibrant museums and undertake the biggest project in our history, creating a New Museum in West Smithfield.

To realise this vision, our five core strategic objectives remain:

  1. Reach more people
  2. Become better known
  3. Stretch thinking
  4. Engage every school child
  5. Stand on our own two feet

There remains much to be done over the life of this plan and we have developed a series of strategic imperatives that inform how we will deliver our objectives and what we must do if we are to be successful in achieving our vision:

  • Engage the whole of London
  • Deliver compelling programming
  • Grow the Museum of London Docklands brand and visitors
  • Strengthen our brand: We Are London
  • Build the London Collection
  • Extend our reach across London to every schoolchild
  • Ensure our financial strength
  • Create a New Museum for London
  • Transform ourselves

Download our Museum of London Strategic Plan 2018-2023 (PDF 7,651 KB)