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We are the Youth of Today Report

Life in London for Generation Z.

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We are the Youth of Today

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Young people under the age of 25 represent nearly a third of the capital’s population. Their needs, access to opportunities, and lived experiences vary greatly according to indicators such as wealth, race, class, and geography to name just a few.

We commissioned Partnership for Young London to find out what the important issues are across the capital. Over 3000 young people told us what they thought of growing up in London.

As one of the largest surveys of Generation Z Londoners to date, this report provides an insight into young people as independent agents and how they are socially and culturally engaged in the life of their city.

Young people are central to our vision for a new Museum of London, due to open in West Smithfield in 2024. We want young Londoners to play an active part in the creation of the museum and to see their experiences reflected in its displays and ongoing programming. It will be a new kind of museum in which young people – traditionally infrequent visitors to museums – feel comfortable, valued and inspired. This research is a vital step in us achieving this ambition. It puts young people at the forefront of our minds as we transform ourselves into a new Museum of London, and so will inform many aspects of our work, and our future relationship with the city, and continue to engage the whole of London.

The Museum of London and Partnership for Young London are committed to the wider impact of our work by and for young people. That’s why we’re not only sharing our findings, but also our data for others to use. We are making the full dataset open source and freely available for anyone who wishes to delve into the results of this survey and find out more.

You can read the full report below, or download it and the fully-anonymised dataset here:

We are the Youth of Today Report (PDF 2.8mb)

We are the Youth of Today - open source data (Excel 926kb)