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Guildhall Yard photographs

Site codeContextFrame numberPhotoDescription
GYE92106501GYE92_10650_1.jpgSpondylolisis of L5
GYE92107051GYE92_10705_1.jpgPronounced IVD on L4
GYE92107231GYE92_10723_1.jpgR scaphoid. View from the capitate
GYE92107311GYE92_10731_1.jpgReactive bone on the anterior sacrum
GYE92107312GYE92_10731_2.jpgReactive bone on the anterior sacrum. Close up
GYE92107741GYE92_10774_1.jpgLarge right mastoid foramen
GYE92107921GYE92_10792_1.jpgSpondylolisis of L5
GYE92109151GYE92_10915_1.jpgCircular defect on the anterior medial left humerus
GYE92109152GYE92_10915_2.jpgEburnation on the medial condyle of the right tibia
GYE92171661GYE92_17166_1.jpgHealed fracture and fusion of the proximal and intermediate phalanges
GYE92200651GYE92_20065_1.jpgLarge bregmatic bone
GYE92200652GYE92_20065_2.jpgPeriostitis to the midshaft of the L femur
GYE92201131GYE92_20113_1.jpgOA of the distal R humerus
GYE92205381GYE92_20538_1.jpgL hamate. View from the bases of MC4 and 5
GYE92205901GYE92_20590_1.jpgEburnation on the Right Patella
GYE92205902GYE92_20590_2.jpgHealed fracture of the 2nd Right Metacarpal
GYE92205903GYE92_20590_3.jpgOA of the right distal femur
GYE92206231GYE92_20623_1.jpgCircular defect on the right body of S1