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Anglo-Saxon cemeteries

Human skeletal remains from the Saxon period are rarely encountered in London. Approximately 50 individuals have been excavated from 12 different sites in London. These sites are currently being recorded onto the Wellcome Osteological Research Database, and their data will be made available for download during 2016.

Excavations with Saxon burials present

  • 1-12 Rangoon Street, 61-65 Crutched Friars, 2-4 Carlisle Avenue, 11-13 Northumberland Alley, London EC3
    Siteccode RAG82
  • 32-34 Mitre Street, London EC3
    Sitecode MIT86
  • Fleet Valley between Blackfriars & Holborn Viaduct stations, London EC4
    Sitecode VAL88
  • Bull Wharf 16-19 Queenhithe, 66-67 Upper Thames Street, London EC4
    Sitecode BUF90
  • Royal Opera House, London, WC2
    Sitecode ROP95
  • Peabody site, Bedfondbury/Chandos Place, London, WC2
    Sitecode PEA87
  • 26-27 Southampton Street, London, WC2
    Sitecode SOT89
  • Royal Opera House, 51-54 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2
    Sitecode ROH90
  • 67-68 Long Acre, London, WC2
    Sitecode BOB91
  • Holy Trinity Priory, Mitre Square, 10-14 Mitre Street, London EC3
    SItecode HTP79
  • 71-77 Leadenhall Street, 32-34 Mitre Street, London, EC3
    Sitecode LEA84
  • Valor Site (former),Corney Reach, Corney Road, W4
    Sitecode VCR95