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FatCam! Watch fatberg in real time

In spring 2018, we displayed the last remaining parts of the world-famous Whitechapel fatberg at the Museum of London. Now we've added those chunks to our permanent collection and are preserving it to fascinate and disgust future Londoners- and you can watch, live!

14 August 2018

Following on from the hugely successful display Fatberg!, which closed on 1 July 2018, the Museum of London have decided that the last remaining parts of the monster Whitechapel fatberg deserve a place in history and we have acquired them into our permanent collection. The highly toxic pieces of sewage will be stored in quarantine at the museum’s store, alongside artefacts from across London's history. We've also created a bespoke case, fitted with a camera, to livestream it at all times for the world to see.

Check back occasionally to see how fatberg slowly develops while it's in store. Whilst on display the fatberg hatched flies, sweated and changed colour. Since going off display, fatberg has started to grow an unusual and toxic mould, in the form of visible yellow pustules. Our collections care team has identified this as aspergillus. Conservators believe that fatberg started to grow the spores whilst on display and now a month later, these spores have become more visible. Any changes to the samples will now be able to be viewed live.