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Explore the heritage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Londoners through stories from our rich collections.

  • folklore-panel.jpg

    Queer As Folklore

    Join historian Sacha Coward to explore the connection between mythical creatures and the queer community, inspired by objects in the museum's collection.

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  • Ganymede & Jack-Catch

    London's Queer Objects

    Inspired by our in-gallery Queer City tours led by visitor host Andrew Millar, we've launched an online mini-series exploring 5 objects from our collection that are connected to London's rich queer history.

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  • claire-panel.jpg

    Learn more about the Labrys Earrings

    We've teamed up with LGBTQI Heritage Curator & Educator Claire Mead to explore the history of the labrys, a double-headed axe. Discover how it's connected to goddesses and warrior women and how it became a lesbian feminist symbol.

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  • stop-clause-matthew-hodson-panel.jpg

    Pride and Prejudices: 22 years on

    Matthew Hodson was the creator of the first LGBT exhibition here at the Museum of London in 1999, Pride and Prejudice: Lesbian and Gay London.

    Our Proud History Champion Michael interviewed him, discussing everything from museums to activism and how the LGBTQ+ community has changed through the years.

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  • ganymede-panel.jpg

    Learn about Molly Houses

    Who were Princess Seraphina and Susan Guzzle and what were Molly Houses? Find out the answer to these questions and discover what Georgian London was like for gay men with London Tour Guide Nick Collinson in this short video!

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  • Damien-Frost-Night-Flowers-panel.jpg

    Night Flowers: stunning portraits of London's alternative club scene

    After dark, the Night Flowers bloom: London's most fabulously dressed revellers. Curator of Photographs Jilke Golbach interviews photographer Damien Frost about his astonishing portraits of London's queer nightlife, captured in clubs and on street corners.

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  • london-lgbt-nightlife-panel.jpg

    Remembering London's LGBTQ+ nightlife

    Queen Mary University students from Quest Radio have delved into our oral histories collection to bring you snippets from London's clubbing scene - from the first visit to Heaven, to today's alternative drag scene. Take a listen!

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  • Ethel Smyth was a well-known composer who joined the Women's Social and Political Union in 1910. Queer women in history

    Critiqued, arrested, knighted: Knowing Dame Ethel Smyth

    Composer, Suffragette, Activist. With a sheepdog at her side, and a bottle of fine red wine close at hand, Dame Ethel Smyth can seriously be considered to be a top contender for “most interesting dinner party guest” among the figures represented in the museum’s collection.

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  • Rainbow friendship necklace
Worn at Pride parades 1985-89. Leather and aluminium. ID no. 2010.40

    Hidden Pride: London's LGBT history

    We take a look through our collection for signs and symbols of the centuries-long struggle by LGBTQ+ Londoners for acceptance, recognition and equal rights.

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