28 November 2019

Secret Rivers: download the Digital Catalogue

Our Secret Rivers exhibition closed in October 2019, but if you want to see what you missed, you can download our Digital Catalogue: an in-depth look at the most fascinating objects we displayed, with behind-the-scenes commentary from our curators.

Download the exhibition catalogues

Download the Secret Rivers exhibition digital catalogue (PDF 6.9MB)

Download the Secret Rivers large print exhibition captions (PDF 4.7MB)

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Objects inside the Secret Rivers exhibition

Objects inside the Secret Rivers exhibition at the Museum of London

These articles explore Secret Rivers, from behind-the-scenes looks at how we created the exhibition, to explorations of the artefacts on display.

Uncovering the Secret Rivers

Curators Kate Sumnall and Tom Ardill explain how they created the Secret Rivers exhibition.

London's lost rivers, then and now: Wandle and Lea

Modern photography combined with prints, paintings and photographs from our collection shows how two of the rivers featured in the exhibition have changed over the centuries.

The triple threat: this medieval toilet seats three

One of the star objects on display in Secret Rivers was a three-seater 12th century toilet seat, excavated from the buried remains of the River Fleet. Learn what we know of its origins, and how we prepared it for display.

Mudlarks: rescuing relics from the river

How did the amazing artefacts we displayed in Secret Rivers get recovered from the Thames? Exploring the world of the mudlarks and what they unearthed in the river foreshore.

Running the Tyburn

Curator Tom Ardill charts the course of one of the Secret Rivers, the buried Tyburn, as he jogs along the route of the lost river.

Meet the artist: Data Flow

An interview with Michael Takeo Magruder, creator of a new interactive digital artwork featured in Secret Rivers, created from memories and environmental data of the River Lea.

Secret Rivers closed in October 2019. Look out for upcoming exhibitions at the Museum of London Docklands, exploring more of the archaeology and history of London.