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Tales of the night bus

We worked with the Night London Radio Broadcast to record interviews with people taking the night bus. Hear the stories of the nocturnal denizens as they make their journeys around the city at night.

5 November 2018

Up until 11 November 2018, our London Nights exhibition and events explored the city after dark, from the silent suburbs to the bustling night economy. For one of our London Nights late events, we interviewed people who ride the night bus to hear their stories. Learn about the city at night in this series from Michael Umney, Jo Barratt and Jessie Lawson.

All aboard the night bus

The sex worker: Luna

The drag queen: Victoria

The film maker: Hakeem

The cable joiner: Paul

The bus driver: Ronnie

The London Nights exhibition closed on 11 November 2018.

Through a Glass Darkly by Nick Turpin.

Through a glass darkly, 2016

Part of a series by Nick Turpin, on display in London Nights