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Make a Pleasure Gardens souvenir

Create your own memory mobile, inspired by the fun of the Pleasure Gardens!

Vauxhall: 18th century, Thomas Rowlandson.

Put on your best, we're off to a party...

The Pleasure Gardens were full of beautifully dressed visitors in fashionable silks, lace and jewellery.

If you looked up at the sky on a clear evening in the 1800s, you might just spot a hot air balloon rise up over Vauxhall.

Georgian London was home to the famous Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens – a spectacular place for the upper and middle classes to see and be seen. Entertainment for the visitors included music, acrobatics and a ride in a hot air balloon!

To remember your day out you might bring something home as a souvenir. Have you ever collected something to remember a trip?

Try making your own souvenir inspired by the great outdoors!

Illustration of a hot air balloon with 'Vauxhall' written on it against a mustard yellow background.

Up, up and away!

Hot air balloon rides were introduced to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in 1802.

A photo of a mobile made out lavender, marigolds and a ash leaf hanging from a coat hanger with string.

What will you pick?

Use herbs like lavender or rosemary to bring some sweet smells to your creation.

What you'll need

Next time you go to a green space, collect some things to remember your visit. These could be:

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Twigs
  • Or something you've bought as a memento.

Bring these home to make into a souvenir to hang up high like a hot air balloon! To make your marvellous mobile, you'll need:

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Coat hanger

Tie your keepsakes to the hanger. You could try attaching them on different lengths of string and make it as colourful as you like!

Share your masterpieces!

Once you've finished your marvellous mobiles, we'd love it if you'd share your creations with us.

Just tweet us @museumoflondon with your handiwork!