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Creative and Connected

These activity packs aim to ignite joy and curiosity! Designed for people affected by dementia, each one is inspired by a different object and includes simple, creative, and sensory activities to do at home or in a care setting.

The title appears next to black and white photographs of past Londoners.

Activities are adaptable for various settings, and for people who have different interests and various stages of dementia. With opportunities to sing, smell and touch, puzzle, reminisce and draw, we hope there’s something for everyone.

Illustration of paint, ink, scissors and a pencil on a pink background.

January 2021: Picturing London

This month’s pack is inspired by the wonderful artworks created by Londoners and for Londoners in the museum's collection.

December share image

December 2020: London it's cold outside

This month’s pack is inspired by chilly mornings and leafless trees. Come and explore London life in winter.

Items from the world of work, including a uniform, a screwdriver, a pair of scissors and a stethoscope.

November 2020: All work and no play

London, as a capital city, is a hubbub of activity 24/7, with jobs as diverse as London’s communities. Let's have a look at some!

Illustration of a camera, a bottle of shaving foam and a pair of headphones on a magenta background.

October 2020: London's fabulous fashions

Explore some of the styles and fashions of 20th century London, with a special focus on the influences of London’s black communities.

Illustration of theatre light, music notes and a box of popcorn against a yellow background.

September 2020: Bright lights in the big city

From Roman gladiatorial displays, to Shakespeare and West End shows, London’s entertainment scene has always dazzled its audiences.

Illustrations of pasta, a wedge of cheese and a bowl of rice.

August 2020: Tastes of London

Whether you prefer pizza or pie, mash and liquor, this month we’re exploring all things food related!

Colourful illustrations of a football, a cap and a skipping rope.

July 2020: Fun and games

All about play: We've got a gorgeous teddy bear for you, a DIY toy activity and a fancy dress challenge!

Colourful illustrations of a bowl of raspberry jelly, a sandwich and an ice cream cone below party bunting.

June 2020: Party like a Londoner

How to celebrate like a Londoner, from street parties and children's parties to the Notting Hill Carnival!

Illustration of a colourful orange pomander against a blue background.

May 2020: Tea and treasures

Design your own 18th-century tea bowl, have a good old singalong, or try painting with tea and coffee!

We welcome feedback to help us improve and develop our resources for people living with dementia. Please email [email protected] with your thoughts.