London Lives podcast

In this podcast series we delve into the rich stories of London’s people to create an audible journey to the past.
Composite photograph showing contempory and historical image (by Henry Turner) of pedestrians walking over London Bridge.

Each episode is inspired by the voice of a real Londoner who is living with dementia, as they reflect on an object from the Museum of London collection and share their own London lives.

Combined television and wireless set. This home entertainment centre combines a radio with a television set. The casing was designed to blend in with contemporary furniture. Such items were available from 1936, but they were expensive - some cost as much as a car.

Off By Heart

This episode is inspired by the exciting world of entertainment. Hear how love, memory and performance intertwine in this story about David, a vicar impresario!

Photo of a red tin of ackees.

From Curry to Carnival

This episode we forage through the fantastic world of food and identity, sharing captivating conversations with Londoners from different generations and backgrounds.

A sandy coloured,jointed teddy bear with button eyes, hump on its back and a Steiff metal button in its ear. There is a red bow around its neck. The donor's eldest son received this teddy bear as a present in 1907, when it was the latest fashionable toy. It makes a growling sound when the stomach is pressed and was made by the Steiff Company in Germany. Sandy coloured plush, probably Excelsior stuffed, with jointed arms and legs, button eyes, hump on back and Steiff metal button in ear. In 1902, Margarete Stieff, a disabled german toy manufacturer, made the first plush toy bears. The name comes from a cartoon of US president Theodore ('Teddy') Roosevelt, who refused to shoot a tethered bear. Teddy bears were an instant hit and have become a traditional childhood toy, beloved by millions.

Mr Bernie Ginger Bear

This episode we bring together the generations by exploring the magical power of play with Helena and Jesse, who have kindly shared their favourite games and toys with us.

Set of four Christmas crackers from 1906

A tiny explosion of joy

This episode we collaborate with Derek, who has kindly shared his memories of parties and celebrations with us.

If you would like to share your own experiences of London's past and potentially feature in our next podcast or edition of ‘London Lives Extra’, please contact [email protected].