For: Families, under 5s
Min age: 1 - 7
Duration: 15 mins
Entry type: Paid advanced booking
Santa is in his Grotto, ready to hear all your Christmas wishes.

Have you been naughty or nice?

Santa is in his Grotto, ready to hear all your Christmas wishes.

Take a trip back in time to the London of Dickens's day for Christmas this year.

Walk through our amazing Sailortown gallery, a vivid recreation of a Victorian street bedecked with frost, holly, mistletoe and the sound of Christmas carols being sung in the distance to match white Christmas of yesteryear as imagined by author Charles Dickens.

Then meet Santa himself in his grotto, and receive a traditional toy from him (as long as you have been nice this year!)

Photos with Santa are available at additional cost.

Santa's Victorian Grotto at Docklands

Museum of London Docklands

Santa's ready for Christmas - are you?

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Event access

Please note that we are unable to provide gifts for children under the age of 12 months, but are happy to offer a photo gift instead. Please note that personal photography is not permitted in the grotto.

Paid advanced booking