For: Families
Min age: All ages
Duration: 4hrs
Entry type: Free drop in
A group show off their beautiful henna at a family festival.

Henna hands

A group show off their beautiful henna at a family festival.

বসন্ত - Spring is here!

Join us for a vibrant celebration of spring at this community festival of Bengali arts and culture. Explore the blossoms of the season with hands-on crafts and workshops for the whole family to enjoy, or sit back, relax and enjoy a range of performances from local talents.

Some highlights of the Bengali spring festival include:

  • - Live music and dance performances, curated by Yoused Ali Khan
  • - Free henna tattooing
  • - Arts and crafts children's activities
  • - Storytelling and writing classes
  • - Poetry workshops with Shamin Azad
  • - Chanachur snack making sessions

Throughout the weekend a number of cultural events will take place:

- Shahida Rahman, author of the award-winning novel Lascar will give a talk about the historical links between Bengali travellers and London's docks.
- The Swadhinata Trust, an organisation which works to promote Bengali history and heritage amongst young people, will discuss the cultural impact of the Bengali community on East London.
- There will be film screenings of the 2017 short documentary, The Legend of the Loom, which follows the journey of Bengali fabrics for the community to the world of international fashion and clothing.

Join our festival team

Our family festivals are all about the community, and so we're on the look out for the best local talent to get involved in any way possible.

If you are willing to volunteer to help us with any of the roles listed below during the festival, please click the link and get in touch.

  1. Dancers
  2. Singers and musicians (groups and individuals)
  3. Musicians

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  • 12pm
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