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A family enjoy an activity together.

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A family enjoy an activity together.

London is a diverse and global city, which is home to the speakers of over 300 languages. These languages all help to tell the story of London's people, who we are and where we come from.

At this special festival weekend learn phrases from a new language, discover secret languages of the past and try your hand at British Sign Language. Plus, have a go at communicating in unexpected ways through song, spoken word, emojis and more.

Come share your own story, in your words.

Here are some highlights of the festival. Check back soon for a full schedule of events.

Discover the history of the East End through the languages of the communities who have moved here.

  • - Family storytelling: For many years people have moved to London from all over the world. Meet three children who did just that in this lively and interactive family story told by Sef Townsend.
  • - Jewish Museum workshop: Learn about the Hebrew alphabet in a session led by the Jewish Museum.
  • - Chanachur snack making: Learn some Bengali phrases while making this traditional snack.
  • - Chinese calligraphy: Try your hand at the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy.
  • - Secret languages of the past: You might have heard of cockney rhyming slang but have you heard of Thieves Cant, or backslang? Find out about some of London's lesser known languages of the past in this activity.
  • - The weavers of Spitalfields: Learn some French phrases while taking part in this simple weaving activity. Huguenots were French protestants who left France due to religious persecution. Many were skilled weavers and settles in the East Eng giving Spitalfields its nickname 'Weaver Town'.

Learn some of the many languages spoken in London today.

- Language tasters: SOAS Language Centre will be providing free language tasters for families and adults.

Express yourself in some unusual forms of communication.

- Emoji craft workshop: Design your own emoji to take home in this creative activity
- Music workshop: Join iyatraQuartet for an interactive musical workshop using words from different languages and body percussion in the creation of an exciting new performance.
- Invent a word wall: Shakespeare invented many new words to use in his work! Invent your own words to add to our wall.
- Make a dictionary: Make a dictionary to capture the words you learn at the festival.

Watch performances throughout the weekend

- iyatraQuartet performances: A professional group of musicians comprising of violins, cellos, clarinets and percussionists who create original music based on sounds and tunes heard from around the world.
- Community performances: Featuring dance, music and drama performances from a range of local acts.

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