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Learn more about Windrush

The repercussions of Windrush are still felt today in the British Afro-Caribbean community. We've grouped together books, essays and resources to help you find out more.


Fiction, plays and poetry

  • George Lamming, 'The Emigrants' (1954)
  • Sam Selvon, 'The Lonely Londoners' (1956)
  • Elyse Dodgson, 'Motherland: West Indian Women to Britain in the 1950s' (1984)
  • Caryl Phillips, 'The Final Passage' (1984)
  • James Berry, ‘Windrush Songs’ (2007)


  • George Lamming, 'The Pleasures of Exile' (1960)
  • Ruth Glass, 'Newcomers' (1960)
  • Sheila Patterson, 'Dark Strangers' (1963)
  • Donald Hinds, 'Journey to An Illusion' (1966)
  • Nancy Foner, 'Jamaican Migrants in London' (1979)
  • Elizabeth Thomas Hope, ‘Hopes and Reality in the West Indian Migration to Britain (1980)
  • Beverly Bryan et al., 'Heart Of The Race: Black Women's Lives in Britain' (1985)
  • Colin Brock (editor), 'The Caribbean in Europe' (1986)
  • Robin Cohen, 'The New Helots: Migrants in the International Division of Labour' (1987)
  • 'Forty Winters On: Memories of Britain’s Post-War Caribbean Immigrants' (1988)
  • Ceri Peach, ‘The Caribbean in Europe: Contrasting Patterns of Migration and Settlement in Britain, France and the Netherlands’ (1991)
  • John Western, 'A Passage to England: Barbadians Speak of Home' (1992)
  • Winston James, ‘Migration, Racism and identity: The Caribbean Experience in Britain’ (1992)
  • George Gmelch, 'Double Passage: Caribbean Lives Abroad and Back Home' (1993)
  • Winston James (editor), 'Inside Babylon: The Caribbean Diaspora in Britain' (1993)
  • Mary Chamberlain, ‘Family and Identity: Barbadian Migrants to Britain’ in Migration and Identity (1994)
  • Muhammad Anwar, ‘New Commonwealth Migration to the UK’ in the Cambridge Survey of World Migration (1995)
  • Bill Schwarz, 'The Only White man in here: the re-racialisation of England 1956-1968' (1996)
  • Bill Schwarz, 'Black Metropolis, White England' (1996)
  • Mary Chamberlain, 'Narratives of Exile and Return' (1997)
  • Ian R.G. Spencer, 'British Immigration Policy Since 1939: The Making of Multi-Racial Britain' (1997)
  • Kathleen Paul, 'Whitewashing Britain' (1997)
  • Chris Waters, 'Strangers in our Midst' (1997)
  • Mike Phillips and Trevor Phillips, 'Windrush: The Irresistible Rise of Multicultural Britain' (1998)
  • Mary Chamberlain (editor), 'Caribbean Migration: Globalised Identities' (1998)
  • Wendy Webster, 'Imagining Home: Gender, Race And National Identity, 1945-1964' (1998)
  • Hakim Adi (editor) ‘Black British History: New Perspectives’ (2019)
  • Kennetta Hammond Perry, ‘London is the Place for Me’ (2015)
  • David Olusoga, ‘Black and British: A forgotten History’ (2018)
  • Paul Gilroy, ‘Aint no Black in the Union Jack’ 2002
  • Akala, ‘Natives: Race and Class in the ruins of Empire’ (2019)
  • Kehinde Andrews, ‘Back to Black: Retelling Black radicalism for the 21st Century’ (2018)
  • Stephen Bourne, ‘War to Windrush: Black women in Britain 1939 to 1948’ (2018)
  • Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff (editor), ‘Mother Country’ (2018)
  • David Matthews, ‘Voices of the Windrush Generation’ (2018)
  • Amelia Gentleman, ‘The Windrush Betrayal: Exposing the Hostile Environment’ (2019)
  • Colin Grant, ‘Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation’ (2019)

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