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18 May 2017 – April 2018

Why would you

live anywhere else?

What does it mean to live in a truly global city? More than half of the world's population now live in urban areas. Join us for a year-long season of events and free exhibitions.

  • 21 March 2018

    Futureshocks: systems

    Our interactions with technologies are transforming, and being transformed by, our shifting civic society. Our panel discusses everything from the changing nature power and truth to creating new spaces, and forms of action and agency, in the future city. Chaired by The Guardian.

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  • 13 March 2018, 7pm

    The London salon: wearable resistance

    Join us to discuss fashion in an age of pervasive surveillance. How will you protect your future urban identity? Can clothing tread the fine line between safety and trust?

    Curated with the London College of Fashion.

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  • 9 February - 1 July 2018 Free


    The highly anticipated display of the last remaining parts of the Whitechapel fatberg - a sewer blockage which became an international media sensation when it was discovered in September 2017. Weighing 130 tonnes and over 250 metres long, it is one of the largest fatbergs ever found.

    Face the fatberg

  • Free

    Exhibiting the Monster of Whitechapel

    How and why is the museum exhibiting the largest fatberg in London's history? Read more about putting together the most disgusting display in Museum of London history.

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  • 19 January - 15 April 2018 Free

    London Visions

    London Visions focuses on different contemporary fantastical realities through the eyes of artists, architects and designers who unfold their own virtual depictions about tomorrow’s possible worlds, discussing the fears and hopes of living in the future.

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  • 12 February - 15 April 2018 Free

    VoiceOver Finsbury Park

    VoiceOver Finsbury Park presents a project created to bring a community together: a hyper-local social radio, installed in a tower block attached to Finsbury Park. In partnership with Umbrellium and Furtherfield, we worked to bring residents together and give neighbours a reason to chat.

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  • 17 March 2018 Free

    Our Future City

    Join our team of young Londoners as they take over the museum for one evening only, and tells us what they imagine and hope for the future of the city. From live music and spoken word performances, to art making and interactive workshops.

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    We want to see London through your eyes. For a year, we'll be gathering and sharing your pictures to see how Londoners live and what they hope for in the future. See how our portrait of London is building.

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