For: Adults, friends
Min age: 16
Duration: 3hrs
Entry type: Paid advanced booking
Photograph © Ben Peter Catchpole

One Easy Step (Matheson Marcault)

Photograph © Ben Peter Catchpole

Explore play in the city.

London is just one big playground. Game designer Holly Gramazio from Matheson Marcault, Matt Adams, co-founder of Blast Theory and Edwina Attlee from the Bartlett School of Architecture will discuss play and public space, urban gaming and alternative and subversive explorations of the city. With a playful intervention delivered by the Collage Club and White Noise City. The London salons are informal evenings critically exploring the lived experience of the city including fashion, identity, power, protest and dissent. They will take place monthly throughout the City Now City Future season at the Museum of London. Entry includes a drink.


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