Min age: 12+
Duration: 30 mins
Entry type: Free drop in
Pop your headphones on and get exploring

View of St. Paul's Cathedral

Pop your headphones on and get exploring

Put on your headphones and join us on an imagined audio walk through the City of London’s streets, from the Millennium Bridge to Smithfield Market, accompanied by the voices of Londoners past and present.

From your phone, or computer, at home or on your local walk, you’ll be transported through London’s iconic streets and hear the stories of Londoners who have gone before.

Extracts of Oral History included in this piece were selected by volunteer researchers Orla, Sadie, Abby, Melinda, Ava, Theodora and Angela as part of Listening to London, a community-led research project in which Londoners are delving into our Oral History collection to form new interpretations and surface stories which might otherwise have been overlooked.

The extracts which form part of this piece were selected from our Oral History collections, including Lewisham Voices, M11 Linked, Half the Sky (© Museum of London) and Windrush Conversations (© Greater London Authority Community Engagement Team).

Listen here:

Esmé Fairbairn Collections Fund logo Listening to London is supported by The Esmé Fairbairn Collections Fund - delivered by the Museums Association

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