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Watch: Last chance to see at London Wall

These mini documentaries explore 10 of the most compelling objects in our collection that were on display at London Wall, from the Great Fire of London to the Suffragettes and the 2012 Olympics.

  • The museum holds the world's largest collection of material relating to Suffragettes – probably one of the most iconic objects from this collection is the hunger strike medal that was presented to Emmeline Pankhurst in 1912.

  • Did you know you can see the London 2012 Olympic cauldron in our collection? The cauldron was created by the internationally renowned Heatherwick Studio and the 204 petals of the cauldron represented the nations taking part in the games.

  • On display at the museum is an extraordinary bundle of iron metal hooks and eyes excavated from Pudding Lane, where in 1666 the Great Fire of London started. They melted and fused together in the intense temperature of the fire which is thought to have reached 1,200 degrees.

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