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A Gay Pride badge from 1978.

Gay Pride '78

A Gay Pride badge from 1978.

Join us on weekends throughout February at the Museum of London to hear a selection of talks on the untold stories of London's LGBTQ+ community. From a visiting Roman Emperor, to the outlandishly costumed 'maccaronis' of the 18th century and a prominent 19th century literary genius, discover how Londoners have expressed their identities and pushed contemporary boundaries through culture, love and activism.

For a full list of talks, see below. Please note however that talks and timings can change, so please feel free to contact Box Office on the day of your visit on 020 7001 9844.

Hadrian and Antinous

Discover the fascinating and moving story of immortal devotion between these two male Roman icons.

Dates and times: Saturday 2 February 3pm; Sunday 3 February 11am; Saturday 9 February 1pm; Sunday 10 February 3pm.

Meet Me at the Molly House

Delve into eighteenth-century London’s well-established gay culture. With its own meeting places and manners, the city was a hive of activity.

Dates and times: Saturday 2 February 11am; Saturday 9 February 11am; Saturday 16 February 11am.

Ganymede and Jack Catch

Hear the remarkable tale of Samuel Drybutter, a Georgian Londoner who continued to indulge in his same-sex desires, despite grievances from the law and angry mobs.

Date and time: Sunday 17 Feb 11am.

The Importance of Being Earnest Programme, St James’s Theatre, SW1

Join one of our Hosts to hear the “importance” of the St James’s Theatre programme for Oscar Wilde’s play of February 1895.

Dates and times: Saturday 2 February 1pm; Saturday 9 February 11am; Saturday 16 February 11am.

Freedom on Trial

Hear the story of Boulton and Park, otherwise known as Fanny and Stella! It really was a true Victorian Scandal.

Dates and times: Sunday 10 February 1pm; Sunday 17 February 1pm; Sunday 24 February 3pm.

The Case of John-Eleanor Rykener

Investigate the unprecedented case of John/Eleanor Rykener, a 14th century cross-dresser who baffled the early mayoral court of London, and set the tone for how LGBT+ issues were managed in the medieval city.

Dates and times: Saturday 16 February 3pm; Saturday 23 Feb 3pm.

Jazz and the West End: 1920s Soho

Hear how jazz, music venues and theatre provided liberating spaces for gay men and women in 1920s London.

Dates and times: Saturday 2 February 1pm; Saturday 9 February 3pm; Saturday 16 February 1pm; Saturday 23 February 1pm.

The Rose Theatre and William Shakespeare

What was it like to see a Shakespeare play at the Rose Theatre?

Dates and times: Sunday 17 February 3pm; Sunday 24 February 1pm.

The Gay Liberation Front

Learn how this radical organisation shaped the modern LGBT+ community.

Date and time: Sunday 3 February 3pm.

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