For: Adults
Min age: 16
Duration: 3hrs
Entry type: Paid advanced booking
© Rafael Pereira do Rego, 2017

The Black Cap (1965-2015)

© Rafael Pereira do Rego, 2017

Join us for a queer ball to celebrate the ways that LGBTQ people create night-spaces in the city, and bring the stories and voices of queer Londoners into the museum’s City Now City Future season.

Over the course of the evening, helped by performances and provocations from special guests, we will think together about how those with non-conforming gender and sexual identities have contributed to urban change in London, as well as the specific challenges and opportunities LGBTQ+ communities face in queering the capital at night today.


- Fabulous Facades, queer readings of planning applications by Ben Campkin, Laura Marshall, Zia, Gabrielle Basso Ricci, Sebastian Buser and Tom Kendall
- Stuart Feather, Political Protest and LGBTQIA+ Spaces
- Chardine Taylor-Stone, They Only Love Us When We are Not There
- Travis Alabanza, OBSTACLE
- Planning Out/Friends of the Joiners in conversation about queering new urban developments
Hosted by Dr Sharon Husbands (Naked Boys Reading)

Dress code: anything goes. We’ll be personifying our favourite queer spaces and any ball-goers who want to join us in DIY city-themed drag are more than welcome.

Entry includes a French 75 (cocktail or mocktail); popular in 1930s NYC and London.

Curated by Ben Campkin and Laura Marshall (UCL Urban Laboratory).

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