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At The museum of last parties the end of the night is never quite reached. The bands play on, the dancers keep dancing, time has been called, but the bars are still serving. Curated by Shunt co-founder, Andrew Rutland and Martin Green, co-creator of the 90s nightclub Smashing, the museum of last parties celebrates the history, diversity and excitement of nightclubbing.

Come dressed up to the nines and join the celebrations.

The evening includes:

The future of London nightlife

A roundtable discussion hosted and produced by The Night Time Industries Association.

London has had an enormous impact on music and cultural trends internationally, from the Swinging Sixties to Acid house via Punk, New Romantics and everything else in between. These youth cultural explosions were all born in and around nightclubs.

The last few years have seen the continued closures of some of the capital’s best known venues - from Turnmills and The End, to Madam JoJo’s and Cable. The recent revoking of Fabric’s license by Islington Council highlights the myriad issues facing London and the future of its nightlife. At the same time, London’s new Night Czar will be tasked with embracing the capital’s night-time culture and shaping the future of London as a twenty-four hour city.

This roundtable features some of the people at the heart of London’s cultural life. The spirit of the evening is an open discussion - audience included – where the public will have the chance to address some of these questions live and direct. We invite you all to come and join us at this crucial turning point for London.

Speakers on the night include presenter and journalist Sunta Templeton, Andy Blackett (Head of Events and Promotions, Fabric), Ben Osborne (Noise of Art), Henry Scott Irvine (Activist for Save Tin Pan Alley) and journalist Kate Spicer.
Moderated by Alan D Miller, Chairman of The Night Time Industries Association.


Starts 8pm
Meeting point: Weston Theatre

The Disco Apocalypse

Is it open? Is it closed? Has it begun or has it ended? Just what is happening to our nightclubs?

Nightclubs in London are closing down at an alarming rate. The smoking ban is in place, the fun ban is coming next. So dress up, dance on and join DJ’s Wayne and Jack Hemingway, Martin Green and Bishi for a party at the last nightclub on earth The Disco Apocalypse.

Vintage visuals from Julian Hand, lightshow artist, and video artist Susanne Dietz. Set design by art collective, Le Gun. With performances and surprises throughout the night.

Starts 9.30pm
Meeting point: Sackler Hall

The Candlelight Club

Calling all dandies and flappers, gangsters and molls, degenerate aristos and decadent aesthetes. Join The Candlelight Club’s 1920’s soirée with clandestine cocktails and DJ Auntie Maureen spinning original shellac discs. London's nightlife lothario Champagne Charlie will be stopping by to say “Champagne”.

Starts 7.30pm
Meeting point: People's City Gallery

Carradine's Cockney sing along

Join Tom Carradine, Peter John and friends for a right proper Cockney Knees up. We go back to Victorian times for a group sing-along around the ole Joanna with gin and ale a plenty being served from London’s smallest pub.

Starts 7.30pm
Meeting point: Victorian Walk

Photo studio and t-shirt printing

Clubs have always been as much about dressing up as they have been about the music. Join the stalwarts of London’s vintage clothing scene, Beyond Retro, and art/fashion magazine, 55 Pages, in our dress up box and have your photo taken. Or get creative with the scissors and heat press machine and make yourself a groovy 80’s transfer t-shirt to take home.

Starts 7.30pm
Meeting point: Expanding Cities Gallery

Jonny Trunk's workshop of radiophonics

Jonny Trunk, broadcaster and record collector extraordinaire presents a workshop of radiophonics with Howlround and DJ Food. An interactive playroom of tape reel manipulation, electronic toys and cosmic vibes, with a chance to engage with tape editing, sound generation and possibly even a bit of knob twiddling. Or just lie back and unwind with the sound.

Starts 7.30pm
Meeting point: Designing a moment gallery


Lume (Auto), a light installation by artist Chris Shen.

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For: Adults
Min age: under 16 must be accompanied
Entry: Free