For: Adults
Min age: 12
Duration: 1hr 30m
Entry type: Paid advanced booking
Tomb Raider III  © 1998 Core Design / Eidos Interactive

Lara Croft

Tomb Raider III © 1998 Core Design / Eidos Interactive

Join Digital Curator Foteini Aravani as she chairs a panel discussion exploring the role of women in video games and their representation in digital worlds.

This talk will uncover the largely untold history of the amazing women who have contributed to the video game industry, and how women are changing the gaming industry of today. We will also explore the representation of women within video games, and how this has evolved over the years; from the most famous characters, like Lara Croft, to some who are lesser known.

The panel:
Charu Desodt - Production Director at Preloaded, BAFTA award winner and Breakthrough Brit 2014
Marie-Claire Isaaman - CEO of Women in Games, EA European Women in Games Hall of Fame winner 2014
Lynda Clark - Award-winning writer, video game producer and PhD student at Nottingham Trent University

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