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  • vfm-panel.jpg

    Votes for Women virtual exhibition

    From 2018-19, a landmark temporary exhibition at the Museum of London marked the centenary of votes for (some) women and revealed the extraordinary struggle to achieve female representation in parliament. Now you can experience the full display for free online as a virtual exhibition.

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  • whmvideos-panel.jpg

    Women's history Month video series

    We worked with fab comedians Samantha Baines, Jenny Bede, Jen Ives, Thanyia Moore and Leila Navabi for a brand new video series! Each have created their own original piece inspired by different objects from our unparalleled women’s history archives. Take a watch now!

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  • suffragette_poster_parade_490x295px.jpg

    Who were the Suffragettes?

    Find out all the fascinating facts about who the Suffragettes were, what they did, and what they achieved in this introductory article.

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  • sarcophagus-panel.jpg

    Reading between the lines: women on Roman tomb monuments

    The stories of women are often less well documented than the stories of men, and this is true of life in Roman London. Senior Curator Francis Grew turns to an unusual source – Roman tomb monuments – to tell us more about Londinium’s female residents.

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  • hunger-strike-panel.jpg

    Six things you should know about the Suffragette hunger strikes

    The Suffragette hunger strike protest remains one of the most poignant and disturbing aspects of the struggle for Votes for Women. Suffragettes in British prisons refused to eat, and often to drink, threatening to starve themselves to force a response from the authorities. Here are six key facts about this extraordinary struggle.

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  • whw-panel.jpg

    Women's stories from London history

    For International Women's Day, we asked staff from across the Museum of London to pick their favourite object with a female focus from our collections. Here are some of their choices, and the women's stories they tell. Read on!

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  • wedding-dress-panel.jpg

    Five brides and one wedding dress

    This unassuming vintage dress holds a fascinating story: that of the five women who wore it to get married, in the austere London of the Great Depression and the Second World War.

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  • suffrage-panel.jpg

    A fashion for women's suffrage

    Our Senior Curator Beatrice Behlen goes through some (by far not all) of her favourite Christina Broom photos and regales you with observations about the clothes worn by the people depicted.

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    Shop our Suffragette range

    From brooches to decorations, explore our Suffragette collection on our online shop.

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