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Samantha Baines, Jenny Bede, Jen Ives, Thanyia Moore and Leila Navabi have each created their own original piece inspired by different objects chosen by them from our unparalleled women’s history archives, part of the permanent London Collection.

  • thanya-panel.jpg

    Thanyia Moore

    Thanyia Moore’s piece is inspired by the first female 'clippies' or bus conductors.

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  • commemorative-toilet-roll-resized-image-490x295.jpg

    Leila Navabi

    Leila Navabi’s piece is inspired by a commemorative toilet paper roll created by the First 100 Years project.

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  • ethel-smyth-panel.jpg

    Jenny Bede

    Jenny Bede’s piece is inspired by a photograph of Suffragette Dame Ethel Smyth.

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  • suffragette-dogs-panel.jpg

    Jen Ives

    Jen Ives’ piece is inspired by a photograph of Suffragette dogs from 1911.

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