Museum of London sets the City on fire with second Great Fire 1666 Minecraft map

25 August 2016

Next week the Museum of London will launch the second in a series of three Minecraft maps recreating the Great Fire of London, following the first which launched on 29 July 2016.

Titled Great Fire 1666: The Fire, the second map will show how a spark in a bakery on Pudding Lane turned into the Great Fire which raged for four days in September and destroyed a quarter of the capital, going down in history as one of the worst disasters to ever hit London.

Players will relive the story of the Great Fire in a series of mini games; evacuating residents and their belongings, choosing which of their own household items to save and getting stuck into fighting the flames as ordinary Londoners did in 1666. Using Minecraft versions of 17th-century leather buckets, fire squirts, gunpowder and even a wooden, hand-pumped fire engine from the Museum of London’s collections, players will learn the most effective ways of combatting the blaze.

Playing as a journalist from the London Gazette whose offices burnt down on the second day of the fire, gamers will encounter historical figures from the time including King Charles II, Thomas Farriner the baker and famous diarist Samuel Pepys, as well as a singed cat that narrowly escaped the flames.

Digital Learning Coordinator at the Museum of London and project lead, Joshua Blair, said:

“The first map in the Great Fire 1666 series has allowed us to really immerse players in the life and times of London in 1666, reconstructing the narrow streets, wooden buildings and iconic landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral and London Bridge to set the scene of the fire. This second map is where the Great Fire story really unfolds and we hope that players will enjoy getting to grips with this watershed moment in London’s history in a fun and engaging way.”

Great Fire 1666: The Fire will be available to download for PC and Mac at from 2 September 2016, the day the fire began 350 years ago. There will also be an opportunity to see the latest Great Fire 1666 map in action at the Museum of London from 12-4pm on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September as part of the Great Fire anniversary weekend family festival.

Great Fire 1666 is a collaboration between the Museum of London, Digital Producer Adam Clarke, and Minecraft professionals Dragnoz and Blockworks. The third map in the series will be released in February 2017 and will let players rebuild London from the ashes. Look out for #GreatFire1666 on social media to see the latest updates.

Great Fire 1666 forms part of the Museum of London’s varied programme of exhibitions, events, walks, talks and activities to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. This includes Fire! Fire!, a family-friendly, interactive exhibition on until 17 April 2017, which explores what happened in London just before, during and after the fire. Tickets are priced from £8 for adults and £4 for children online, family tickets are available. Further information:


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About The Great Fire 1666 Project Team

Adam Clarke uses Minecraft, games, traditional art and technology to inspire and entertain, working globally with institutions, museums, schools and companies. He produces an online YouTube Channel “Everyday Minecraft”. He is also Wizard Keen in Wonder Quest a children’s educational Minecraft show, alongside YouTube star, Stampy.

Dragnoz, is a YouTube personality, educator and games creator. From Production design for the Webby nominated “Wonder Quest” to game design for the United for Wildlife’s conservation project “We are the Rangers”, Dragnoz always ensures the audience is immersed, entertained and educated.

The BlockWorks team was founded in early 2013, and now consists of 40 builders, animators and artists from around the world. Members of the team are largely admitted on the basis of their unique skill or style, providing the team with a wide range of different expertise. This variety allows us to more confidently tackle the design challenges we undertake in our Minecraft builds, and produce a result of truly comprehensive quality.