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Puppetry for your classroom or at home

Wanting to create some magic for your learners? Or maybe you enjoyed our puppetry extravaganza for schools, Meet the real EastEnders?

Unlock young people's imaginations with help from these short videos from puppetry pros Moth Physical Theatre (external link), showing you all you need to know to get creating and performing with puppets!

Puppetry: Who, what and why?

Get inspired with this introduction to the art of puppetry, filmed at our very own Museum of London Docklands.

How to make your own

All you need to know to get your learners creating their very own puppets - just like the pros use!

Rules of puppetry

Learn the three basic things that good puppetry relies on. Who knew it was so simple?

Working as a team

It takes three puppeteers to bring just one of these puppets to life - so teamwork is vital!

Adding personality

Want to take your learners further? Think about mannerisms and backstories to unlock creativity.

That's all there is to it!

We hope you and your learners enjoy your adventures in puppetry.

And if you feel like sharing, we'd love to to see your creations! Why not film a performance and tweet us @MuseumofLondon?