London Nights exhibition

As daylight fades and darkness falls, London is transformed. Explore this transformation with your secondary school students by booking a visit to our new photography exhibition, London Nights, open until 11 November.

A secondary school student explores London life through a lens.

Capturing London’s history

A secondary school student explores London life through a lens.


Through the glittering bright lights of the West End to dimly-lit corners of suburbia, the city morphs to reveal its night-time persona. Artificial light enables the metropolis to stay awake after dark.

Artists have long been inspired by how people engage with the city at night. London Nights presents the work of photographers and lens-based artists, who in many different ways, have captured London after dark.

For more information about the content, including the photographers exhibited, visit the London Nights exhibition page.

Pre-visit information

This exhibition is suitable for KS3-5 students only.

As some of the content in the exhibition addresses adult themes, we suggest all teachers booking visits for their secondary school classes make a pre-visit to the exhibition before bringing their class. This can be booked by contacting our Box Office team on 020 7001 9844.

Rut Blees Luxemburg, 1995

London: A Modern Project

© Rut Blees Luxemburg, 1995

Booking a self-directed visit

To book a free, self-directed visit to the exhibition for your secondary school class, please fill in the self-directed booking form and write 'a class visit to the London Nights exhibition' in the ‘Any other information' box.

Resources for teachers

For further information to prepare for your visit, consult our 'information for teachers' resource.

Download the teachers' resource (PDF 7.4mb, opens in a new tab)

Interactive sessions

A limited number of interactive sessions are being offered during the exhibition time period for KS4/5 students. For further information on these sessions, email [email protected].


If you have any questions about the content of the exhibition, and the suitability for your students, please contact [email protected].

Copyright Nick Turpin

On The Night Bus, #34

Nick Turpin, 2014