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Key stages: Key stage 2, Key stage 3
For: Supplementary schools
Exploring London

Exploring London

Making connections with past and present London - what's beneath our feet?

Session description

Using a range of handling objects from the Roman times to present day, students will take on the role of an archaeologist and work in groups to uncover the hidden histories of London’s past.

This session will involve role play, object handling and art activities.


 Free (but cancellation charges apply)

Group size:

 Each session (up to three per day) can be led to a maximum of 30 students

Session duration:

 60 minutes

How to book this session

To discuss dates and to book these sessions, please contact the Community Learning Programme Manager on [email protected].

Additional handy information

Please note: museum facilitators travel via public transport to deliver these sessions, so the earliest time that they can start is 10am.