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Key stages: Key stage 2
For: Primary
Amazing antlers

Amazing antlers

Pupils learn how every part of an animal could be used.

Session description

Interact with real artefacts to imagine how people used them in a prehistoric village, exploring the resources and materials available in the Thames Valley.

This session will develop pupils' critical thinking around materials and prehistoric technology, and let them compare and contrast the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

Group size:

 35, 3 groups per day

Session duration:

 60 minute session plus 60 minute self-directed London before London gallery visit

How to book this session

This session is currently available at the following times:

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To book, please call the Box Office on 020 7001 9844. If you have difficulty using the telephone, please visit the museum accessibility page for assistance.

Please be aware that you are booking a timetabled package that includes set times for your session, self-directed gallery time, and lunch tables for your group.

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Additional handy information

Curriculum links

  • KS2 History: Stone Age to Iron Age

Useful resources

For visiting the museum:
Download Stone Age to Iron Age gallery activity sheets (Word 393kb)

For the classroom:
Uncover exciting facts and artefacts in our Prehistory Explorer (interactive website)
Interact with real 3D prehistoric objects (interactive website)
Watch our brilliant short films on Stone Age flint knapping (YouTube, 3.38 minutes) or learn about Bronze Age smelting (YouTube, 4.13 minutes)
Take our hunter-gatherer quiz (PPT 5.5mb)
Explore a prehistory class timeline (Word 1.6mb)
Get to grips with prehistory with this at-a-glance summary sheet (Word 651kb), glossary sheet (Word 90kb), and suggested prehistory cross-curricular links (Word 896kb)
Read our prehistory pottery pack (PDF 1.7mb)
Read the pocket history about the River Thames in prehistory (PDF 245kb)
Take our roundhouse challenge quiz (PPT 2.1mb)
Run some Stone Age storytelling (Word 4mb)