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Unlocking the secret history of the first Londoners

The Museum of London has undertaken ground-breaking research into ancient DNA.

The information we hold in our collections can inform debate and challenge thinking on almost any aspect of London life.

Through world-class research we are stretching thinking around our unique collections, allowing us to engage our visitors with the ‘big’ questions about London and about its place in the world.

Help us delve deeper by supporting one of our current projects:

- Unlocking the secret history of the first Londoners

The museum is embarking upon a ground-breaking new research project, using the latest techniques in ancient DNA research, to reveal incredible details of some of the 20,000 Londoners whose skeletal remains we care for, specifically a carefully selected group of Roman Londoners.

The project will provide staggering new insights into who the first Londoners were, where they came from, what they looked like, how they lived and how they died.

We are now seeking supporters who will help us transform the way we think about the very first inhabitants of this city.

Written in Bone – new aDNA research reveals hidden lives of the first Londoners

- Sponsor a curator

Our curators are world experts in their fields. Becoming a named sponsor is the perfect expression of your passion for London, and will provide a unique insight into our incredible collections, our exciting research and our curators’ deep knowledge of London.

To find out more about our curators, their work, and the collections they care for, please get in touch.

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