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About the Museum Development London programme

The Museum Development London programme uses Arts Council England (ACE) funding to deliver training, grants and development programmes to increase the resilience and capacity of museums, their workforce, communities and collections.

The Museum Development London programme is hosted by Museum of London and is one of 5 area services funded by Arts Council England (ACE) to deliver museum development services across England. The level of joint working across the 5 English services is increasing. This and other changes introduced by ACE for the funding period 2024-27 are explained here.

The focus of the programme will continue to be on the four Investment Principles contained in ‘Let’s Create’, ACE’s strategy for the culture sector for the period 2020-2030.

The four Investment Principles are:

  • Inclusivity & Relevance: England’s diversity is fully reflected in the organisations and individuals that we support and in the culture they produce.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Cultural organisations lead the way in their approach to the climate emergency.
  • Dynamism: Cultural organisations can thrive and are better able to respond to the challenges of the next decade.
  • Ambition & Quality: Cultural organisations are ambitious and committed to improving the quality of their work.

The programme in London is overseen by an Oversight Board whose current membership is as follows:

Representatives for the independent and university museums sector:

Caroline Hamson - Engagement Manager, Barts Heritage

Frankie Kubicki - Deputy Director, Charles Dickens Museum

Representatives for the local authority museums sector:

Niti Acharya - Manager, Hackney Museum

Colin Chester - Manager, Brent Museum and Archives

Representing museum sector workforce/freelancers:

Deanne Naula - Museum Freelancer

Senior Manager from Museum of London (host organisation):

Finbarr Whooley - Director of Content