Data return

The government’s 2017 Mendoza review of the English museums sector highlighted the importance of accurate data to the health of the sector. Going forward, there will be greater emphasis on the data that museums need to place their business activity in context and enable them to benchmark against each other and other cultural services. Museum Development services in London and across England will take the lead on the requirement in the Mendoza Review for an annual data return which will collect from museums data about their workforce, income, audiences, resilience, finances, closure risk and so on.

Once the data is processed, museums and stakeholder bodies will for the first time have proper comparative information giving a full and consistent overall picture of the regional and national health of the sector. All museums will be invited to participate in the first data collection exercise in London, taking place in 2018-19. The resulting data will hopefully be available to the sector in 2019-20, with the exercise being repeated each year.