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Museums Survey

Over the coming years the Museums Surveys will provide a comprehensive understanding at both region and national level of the museum sector, to highlight trends and support benchmarking and advocacy.

2020 Museums Survey

Starting this year, the findings of the London museums survey are published in the form of an interactive infographic report.

This survey was conducted over the period April 2019 - March 2020, thereby providing an almost complete year of data before the point when the Covid-19 pandemic struck and museums were forced into lockdown. It therefore provides a unique snapshot of the London museums in ‘normal’ times, and a benchmark of the position the sector would ideally wish to recover to.

The Museums Survey is a Museum Development England partnership project, and in 2020 was again undertaken for MD London and the other 8 English Museum Development regions by South West Museum Development. The interactive infographic, which can be found below, incorporates a new methodology for estimating sector totals based on the mean figures from those museums responding to the survey. If museums have benchmarking queries which are not answered by the infographic, they should contact Museum Development London, as we can provide answers via a more detailed index of results.

The headline data provided by the survey is strong and compelling. However, for 2020, the response rate fell from 58% to 48%, understandable in many ways because of the dislocation caused by the pandemic. This fall in response makes it difficult to rely completely on the total figures given in the infographic. The survey will be run again over the coming months, and we would strongly encourage all museums to participate, thus providing them with stronger data to benchmark, and providing us with better data to advocate on the sector’s behalf.

You can find the interactive infographic below. Please note that this may take a little while to load onto the page.