Museums Survey

Over the coming years the Museums Surveys will provide a comprehensive understanding at both region and national level of the museum sector, to highlight trends and support benchmarking and advocacy.

2019 Museums Survey

Since this survey was conducted, the museum sector in London has been overtaken by the COVID-19 global pandemic, an unprecedented threat to the whole cultural sector and the wider economy.

London’s smaller independent museums are among those at the most immediate risk of insolvency and permanent closure. Entrepreneurial in generating income and innovative in their programmes, many of these museums have become largely self-sustaining. Yet, with the lockdown, their loyal customer base was cut overnight.

These museums and their unique collections are in great peril, and there is the very real possibility of them disappearing from the cultural landscape of London forever. The Survey Highlights report (PDF 3mb, opens in a new tab) this time around therefore focuses on the contribution of these museums to the cultural and wider economic life of the capital, and reflects on what we would all be losing if they were forced to close permanently.

You can also download the full report (PDF 1.6mb, opens in a new tab) containing the detailed findings of the 2019 London Museums Survey.