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Health Check Tool

Since 2019, all Museum Development services in England have been using a common diagnostic tool closely aligned to Accreditation, the Museums' Organisational Health Check Tool, to carry out audits of museums’ organisational health and development needs.

In London, over the past four years, we’ve successfully used the MD Museums’ Organisational Health Check Tool in our Reset Grants Programme (now called 'Recharge') , to help museums to carry out an organisational self-assessment to identify priorities for improvement:

  • ‘This process was one of the most useful exercises we’ve undertaken. It was a simple process, yet at the same time very thorough.’
  • ‘We all felt that it was very useful to work with colleagues to look at where we are as a museum service and to take time to think about the areas that need improving.’
  • ‘This process was very beneficial to us as a small museum within a larger organisation. It created a very positive space and structure for communication within the organisation.’
  • ‘The self-assessment health check was a hugely helpful process to allow us the time and space to really understand the challenges that we face as an organisation and focus on what we need to do to start addressing them.’

The Health Check is quick and easy to use and working with a small internal assessment team from your museum it takes no more than 3.5 hours to complete, with facilitation from Museum Development London.

You can use the Health Check independently as a way to assess your organisation’s development needs.