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The London Museum Development team will use this page to share the latest news and information about our activities. We will also update this page with a PDF version of our weekly newsletter, every Monday. You can find the latest information below and on our Twitter account. You can find recordings of our past training sessions and tutorials on our YouTube channel.

E-update for London’s Museums – 25 January 2021

England is currently in lockdown, therefore museums and galleries must remain closed to the public. This lockdown is scheduled to last for at least 7 weeks overall, with measures to be reviewed during half-term week. Any relaxation would likely not come into effect before 22 February. You can get a full overview of the restrictions for this lockdown on the website.

There has been further clarification about the criteria for the second round of the Culture Recovery Fund, which closes tomorrow on Tuesday 26 January at midday. The programme aims to support cultural organisations from April – June 2021 as they transition back to a viable and sustainable operating model. Accredited museums can apply to this fund, with £25,000 being the minimum grant amount you can apply for. DCMS have provided clarification about the stipulations that organisations can only apply for 25% of their annual turnover, also only up to 50% of any award that was made to them under Round 1 of the Culture Recovery Fund. They have clarified that they see this as an expectation rather than a fixed requirement. They recognise that some organisations will need more than this and applicants can ask for it if they can set out a case (including on seasonality of income). Meanwhile, Arts Council England has updated the FAQs on their website with information about how to treat lockdowns and tiers. The key information can be found in the questions “What should we assume about tiers or local lockdowns?” and “Have the social distancing assumptions for April to June costs changed since the national lockdown?”. Applications for the second round are open, with a deadline of tomorrow, midday Tuesday 26 January. You can find all of the information about the grants on Arts Council’s website. You can find the full guidance here, including eligibility.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund will also be distributing a further £36m through the Culture Recovery Fund to organisations in England, in partnership with Historic England. Non accredited museums can apply to this fund, with grants of between £10,000 and £3m to support organisations. The fund is now open for applications and you can apply until tomorrow, Tuesday 26 January 2021. You can find the full information, and how to apply, on their website.

In response to the lockdown, the Chancellor announced a related £4.6bn relief package for UK retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. Businesses in those sectors of the economy will receive grants of up to £9,000, depending on their rateable value. This help is in addition to the furlough scheme being extended until the end of April. You can find more information on the website. If you are eligible for the grant, you will be able to apply through your local authority.

Arts Council England’s relaunched National Lottery Project Grants have been designed to help fund organisations, creative practitioners and freelancers as quickly as possible. New supplementary guidance for museums can be found on their website. In addition, from 5 October until March 2021, NPOs will be eligible to apply to National Lottery Project Grants for activities over £15,000. Further details about the National Lottery Project Grants can be found below.

Nesta’s social investment funds open for enquiries from museums. Nesta Arts & Culture Finance offers flexible repayable finance to socially-driven arts and heritage organisations including museums across the UK, with the aim to support financial resilience and promote the positive impact of the sector. Two social impact investment funds are currently open for enquiries, with loans and blended loan and grant packages ranging from £25,000 to £1 million available for a range of purposes (e.g. developing new income streams, capital projects, working capital). Further information can be found on their website, including examples of Investment case studies (including museums).

There are still spaces for an event on Wednesday 27 JanuaryKeeping on, Keeping on! London museums discussion forum about strategies to manage and adapt during Covid’.We have a new series of Marketing training courses in our Digital Futures and Skills Plus training programmes, including Strategic Marketing Planning, Re-engaging with your Audiences and PR – Demystified. We also have a number of training sessions open for bookings in our Strong and Safe programme, including ‘Building Your Personal Resilience’ and ‘Community Engagement During Covid’. You can find more of our training advertised below.

We have new video resources on our YouTube channel. These include recordings of sessions such as ‘Podcasting for Museums’ and tutorials including ‘Developing a Strategic Approach to Digital’, and ‘Video Editing’. We also have recordings of training sessions such as, ‘Planning for Alternative Futures’ and a series of training sessions on using social media. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and to click the notification button to be notified of when we release new videos.

We will continue to offer one-to-one advice to museums from their local MDO and specialists on Organisational Health, Audiences, Digital Technologies and Collections. You can find the support you need on this page.

E-Update for London Museums

Information about emergency funding and other support packages is contained in our weekly newsletter available to download below. We publish this newsletter every Monday afternoon.

E-Update 25 January 2021 (392kb, opens in new tab).

Covid-19 resources and information

We have created a PDF document which useful links and resources about collections care, security and other issues such as business continuity, audiences and digital. We will update as the PDF as regularly as possible.

Covid-19 Resources and Information (PDF 214kb, opens in new tab).