Skills sharing

The free exchange of skills and information between museum workers is vital for the health of the sector in London.

In 2014-15 we commissioned research into an appropriate skills sharing model for London.

Download the report - Research into suitable skills sharing models for the London museums sector (PDF 518kb, opens in a new tab). We have also written a blog for London Museums Group (LMG) about how we intend to take the report forward which you can read on the LMG website (external link).

Museum Development Officer (MDO) training and advice programme

MDOs and specialists from the Museum of London often deliver skills sessions directly within our training programmes. Events are sometimes held at museum sites and generally structured to enable museum workers to share their insights and cutting edge work. Within our programme of one-to-one advice we can sometimes arrange for museum workers to observe relevant sessions, or negotiate other kinds of specific support from within the Museum of London or elsewhere.

Area networks

London Museums Group (LMG) is the federation representing museums and museum workers in London. The London Museum Development service supports the LMG with funding for their programme of events. Recently they ran 'Navigating Through Change' and future events will be listed on their website.

Sub-regional networks

The MDO team also works with a range of sub-regional networks to share information and help set up skills sharing sessions at their request. Please contact the networks directly for dates of their upcoming meetings:

  • West London Museums Group - contact: awaiting update
  • North & East London Museums Group - contact: [email protected]
  • Central London Historic Collections Network - contact: [email protected]

Subject networks

The MDO team exchanges information and skills within and between subject-based networks, for instance:

  • London Museums of Health and Medicine (external link) Chair: [email protected]
  • The national Subject specialist networks, many of whose members are located in London. You can find further information on these subject specialist networks and a list of contacts on the Arts Council England’s website here.

Practitioner networks

The MDO team are active in sourcing speakers and generally supporting the work of a number of professional groups covering specific areas of museum practice. This list includes some of them. Upcoming meeting dates are available from the contacts provided:

Mentoring and peer support

Museum Development Officers can offer general advice within their role, but they also help to arrange more targeted mentor and peer support.

The Survive and Thrive programme relies on museum peers to support the self-assessment and review exercises which are critical to the programme’s success. We are always keen to hear from potential volunteer peers. The support of Museum Mentors is critical in enabling museums without professional staff to achieve Museum Accreditation. MDOs have a key role in sourcing Museum Mentors for those museums that need them. For more information visit the Museum Mentor section of the Arts Council website.