About Museum Development in London

About the programme

The Museum of London has been awarded funding by Arts Council England (ACE) to provide museum development services in London for the period 2015-18. The Museum Development programme uses the five ACE strategic goals to drive development and deliver sustainability, resilience and innovation in England's non-national museums, so they can maximise their benefits to audiences and communities.

In London over the period 2015-18, the Museum Development programme will support museums to realise this ambition in the following ways:

Support with organisational health

Provide support to ensure that museums are resilient, well-managed, environmentally sustainable and creative in the approaches they take to strengthening skills of leaders, staff and volunteers.

Support with collections

Provide support to ensure that museums are provided with first class support in the care and management of their collections and are better able to safeguard these priceless assets for current and future generations.

Support with audiences

Provide support to ensure that museums have the potential to better reach and engage with new and existing audiences with exciting programmes and content both within and beyond their walls.

Support with digital technologies

Provide training and support to ensure that museums are able to better harness the power of digital technology, to better manage their assets and potentially reach every adult and child in London.

Download the 2015-2018 programme publication:

London Museum Development 2015: Looking Back, Looking Forward (PDF 1957kb, opens in a new tab)

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