Collection care training

The training programmes run by the Regional Collection Care team will remain free, and will be open to everyone working or volunteering within London museums.

As well as the main training programme, we also offer Flexible training, where the Regional Collection Care team come out to your institution to train you on site. For further information regarding our flexible training offer please email Sandy Ryan [email protected].

Many collection care courses come with free kits which complement the course and enable participants to put their new found knowledge into practice back at their institution.

Managing Environmental Monitoring: Three day course at West Dean College
17 – 20 June 2019

The Regional Collection Care programme is offering one funded place on a three day Managing Environmental Monitoring course at West Dean College. This package, worth £753.00, includes three days of tuition & accommodation comprising full board in an en-suite standard room on site. The successful applicant will only have to pay for return travel to the venue (train to Chichester, short bus ride from the station to the college). The course is led by Jane Henderson, Senior Lecturer in Conservation at the University of Cardiff. “This course will provide an introduction to agents that cause deterioration of museum and cultural heritage objects. Students will examine a range of strategies, from technical to managerial, to understand and modify conditions to create acceptable levels of care for collections.”

Please note that we will require successful the applicant’s manager / supervisor to confirm that in the event of a last minute cancellation for which we cannot find a replacement, they will be liable for the full cost of the course.

Applications open on Monday 29 April and close on Tuesday 14 May. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by end of Thursday 16 May. For an application form please contact Sandy Ryan: [email protected]

The offer of this place is only open to staff & volunteers in London region museums, with preference being given to institutions which are Accredited or working towards Accreditation.

Collection care training resources

To support training sessions run by the Collection Care team and to reach a wider audience, a range of e-learning and other tools have been developed.

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If you would like to find out more about the training courses, the support offered by the Regional Collection Care team, or to make suggestions for future training and support, please contact:

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