Collection care training

The training programmes run by the Regional Collection Care team will remain free, and will be open to everyone working or volunteering within London museums.

As well as the main training programme, we also offer Flexible training, where the Regional Collection Care team come out to your institution to train you on site. For further information regarding our flexible training offer please email Sandy Ryan [email protected].

Many collection care courses come with free kits which complement the course and enable participants to put their new found knowledge into practice back at their institution.

Access to more free conservation & collection care advice for London Region Museums during Lockdown
Whilst everyone is currently on lockdown, you may have had some time to consider collection issues which often get overtaken by day to day work and activities and would like to get some help with addressing them. So if you are a member of staff or volunteer in a London region museum and would like advice from the Museum of London team of conservators via a Zoom meeting, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our conservators cover the areas of paper, textiles, applied arts, archaeology and collection care. We can’t offer advice on treating specific objects, however if you would like to ask about issues such as storage, display, handling and packing, suitable environmental conditions or general conservation advice for your various collections then please email Libby on [email protected] and briefly describe your collection concerns and what you would like to discuss, then we will get together the people who can help and arrange a Zoom meeting with you.

Collection care training sessions

Spores for Thought
27 April 2021, 2 - 4pm, online via Zoom
Session 1:

Spores for Thought is the first of 2 online courses delivered by Alex Walker, Preventive Conservator at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. This first session will provide participants with an introduction to mould awareness for museums. This course is designed for museum staff and volunteers who want to learn more about mould growth and the preventive measures they can take. This session will cover how to identify mould outbreaks, how mould can damage museum collections, the health and safety implications and, crucially, how to prevent a mould outbreak.

Breaking the Mould
05 May 2021, 2 - 4pm, online via Zoom
Session 2:

Breaking the Mould is the second of 2 online courses delivered by Alex Walker, Preventive Conservator at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford and will focus on the practical management of mould in museum collections. This session is designed for museum staff and volunteers who might be dealing with mould outbreaks in their collections and will cover collection assessments and strategies for dealing with mould, how to clean collections safely, and the health and safety issues specific to mould. If you would like a booking form for either or both of these courses, please email Libby on [email protected] stating whether you would like to join one (please say which one) or both of the courses. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Asbestos in Mixed Collections
03 June 2021, part 1: 10.30 – 12.00, part 2: 13.30 – 15.00
Trainer: Larry Carr, Online: Zoom

Asbestos: fibrous minerals, prized for their resistance to fire, widely used in industrial and construction materials since at least the late nineteenth century, and a recognised health hazard. In the UK, new uses of asbestos have been banned for more than 20 years, yet materials made of asbestos which were manufactured and installed before 2000 continue to be used. Museums with mixed collections which span the nineteenth and twentieth centuries are likely to have acquired objects which contain hazardous mineral asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Museums may also discover occasional examples of asbestos in far older objects. Asbestos in poor condition may pose a risk to anyone who encounters it. Museums with asbestos objects are required by law to manage the risks of asbestos exposure to all employees, volunteers and visitors, yet asbestos hazards in museum collections may have been overlooked or ignored. This session has been developed for people who are responsible for and work with mixed collections. It will explain what asbestos is, explore the history of its use and present various examples of objects and materials known to contain asbestos. Participants will practice a simple technique to assess whether objects are likely to contain asbestos and learn about best safety practice for asbestos objects. Scenarios will be used to illustrate and discuss appropriate courses of action as regards, for example, rationalisation of collections. Some basic points of law will be covered. Time will be allowed for questions. The course will take place over two separate sessions during the day with a break for lunch in the middle and will cover asbestos in mixed collections in more depth than the hazard courses earlier this year. If you would like a booking form for this course, please email Libby on [email protected].

Putting on a show – new date (please note that this is course was postponed from 18 Feb 21)
10 June 2021: first part 10.00 – 12.00 ; second part 14.30 – 16.00
Course tutor: Clare Reynolds ACR, paper conservator, Museum of London.

Nearly every museum exhibition involves paper in its infinite and varied forms (books, newspapers, letters, postcards, posters, drawings). On this online course you will learn how to put them on display safely and avoid the pitfalls many have fallen into. There will be hands-on practical elements to this course, so it has been split into two parts across the day, enabling participants to have time between sessions to try out the practical elements before joining in for the afternoon where they can follow along with Clare again. Participants will be sent a kit of the materials and equipment used during the course beforehand, so that they can fully participate in the practical elements of the course and continue to use them, with their newly acquired skills, in their institution thereafter. As this course will involve the delivery of kits to applicants, it is only open to staff and volunteers from London region museums. If you would like a booking form or any further information about this course please email Libby on [email protected]. Please note that this course only had a few available places remaining when it had to be postponed, so it is advisable to book as soon as you can if you would like to join in.

Collection care training resources

To support training sessions run by the Collection Care team and to reach a wider audience, a range of e-learning and other tools have been developed.

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