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Collection care training

The training programmes run by the Regional Collection Care team will remain free, and will be open to everyone working or volunteering within London museums.

As well as the main training programme, we also offer Flexible training, where the Regional Collection Care team come out to your institution to train you on site. For further information regarding our flexible training offer please email Sandy Ryan [email protected].

Many collection care courses come with free kits which complement the course and enable participants to put their new found knowledge into practice back at their institution.

Access to more free conservation & collection care advice for London Region Museums during Lockdown
Whilst everyone is currently on lockdown, you may have had some time to consider collection issues which often get overtaken by day to day work and activities and would like to get some help with addressing them. So if you are a member of staff or volunteer in a London region museum and would like advice from the Museum of London team of conservators via a Zoom meeting, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our conservators cover the areas of paper, textiles, applied arts, archaeology and collection care. We can’t offer advice on treating specific objects, however if you would like to ask about issues such as storage, display, handling and packing, suitable environmental conditions or general conservation advice for your various collections then please email Libby on [email protected] and briefly describe your collection concerns and what you would like to discuss, then we will get together the people who can help and arrange a Zoom meeting with you.

Collection care training sessions

Under the Influence – influence for collection care
22nd & 23rd September 2021, 14:00 - 16:00, online delivery via Zoom
Course leader: Professor Jane Henderson

This course will suit those working in the museum sector who have to try to communicate policies such as collection care / collection management to audiences that may need to be won over. The course will be of use to professionals who want to change the way they are heard, with a view to being more effective communicators. The event will encourage you to
develop your influence skills by considering the perspectives of others and through the clarification of your own goals. This may be particularly attractive to those undertaking new and additional roles in a changing museum operating climate.

The training will be interactive and participants will be asked to engage throughout, working on their own terms, in groups, in break out rooms and with pre preparation for the sessions. The training will occur over two days and will combine different forms of learning to help participants: understand the components of influence; plan influence campaigns; deconstruct
their own messaging and identify if there are ways to improve; examine issues of personality and gender and discuss any impact. The training will end with action planning leaving delegates with a toolkit of actions to go back out and try to make themselves heard.

Please note that numbers are limited to 16 for this course. If you would like a booking form, please email Libby on [email protected]

Collection care training resources

To support training sessions run by the Collection Care team and to reach a wider audience, a range of e-learning and other tools have been developed.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about the training courses, the support offered by the Regional Collection Care team, or to make suggestions for future training and support, please contact:

email: [email protected]
tel: 020 7814 5582

Under the Influence - influence for collection care