Collection care training

The training programmes run by the Regional Collection Care team will remain free, and will be open to everyone working or volunteering within London museums.

As well as the main training programme, we also offer Flexible training, where the Regional Collection Care team come out to your institution to train you on site. For further information regarding our flexible training offer please email Sandy Ryan [email protected].

Many collection care courses come with free kits which complement the course and enable participants to put their new found knowledge into practice back at their institution.

Access to more free conservation & collection care advice for London Region Museums during Lockdown
Whilst everyone is currently on lockdown, you may have had some time to consider collection issues which often get overtaken by day to day work and activities and would like to get some help with addressing them. So if you are a member of staff or volunteer in a London region museum and would like advice from the Museum of London team of conservators via a Zoom meeting, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our conservators cover the areas of paper, textiles, applied arts, archaeology and collection care. We can’t offer advice on treating specific objects, however if you would like to ask about issues such as storage, display, handling and packing, suitable environmental conditions or general conservation advice for your various collections then please email Libby on [email protected] and briefly describe your collection concerns and what you would like to discuss, then we will get together the people who can help and arrange a Zoom meeting with you.

Collection care training sessions

Ensuring the building is caring for your collections too
12th & 13th August 10.00 – 12.30
Trainer: Ben Melham

This training course is designed for museum staff and volunteers who wish to develop their skills and knowledge relating to how building fabric, maintenance and design impact on the care of their collections and the strategies that can be implemented to minimise risks to the collections.

The course will focus on understanding the practicalities of how the building supports collection care and how it can be managed, maintained and developed to minimise risks to the collection.It will utilise case studies of collection storage spaces and buildings of all sizes and types.

This course is aimed at museum staff and volunteers with responsibility for collection care, museum operations and facilities management. Whilst being delivered in a virtual format the session will be interactive with the opportunity for ongoing Q&A as well as networking, group work and other interactive content

The course is being delivered via Zoom and will be split into two 2.5 hour sessions as follows:

12th August 10.00 – 12.30: session 1: Basic principles and challenges of building management.Identifying and mitigating risks.

13th August 10.00 – 12.30: session 2: Managing a collection storage building.Caring for and developing the building.

Learning objectives: By the end of these sessions you will...

  • Understand the role the building plays in caring for the collection.
  • Understand the risks the building presents to the collection and mitigation strategies to address these.
  • Have developed strategies for engaging with a range of stakeholders on this important topic.
  • Understand options for developing your storage areas and/or buildings.

Priority is given to staff and volunteers from London region museums. You can book onto one or both of the courses, but preference will be given to those booking onto both sessions.

For a booking form please email Libby on [email protected] Booking is open with immediate effect.

Hot and Sweaty?
Trainer: Jane Henderson

Online Zoom training. Each session will run from 14.00 – 16.00 with a ten minute break. Sessions will open from 13.45 so please be in the room and ready to start at 14.00.

This is a series of short online courses looking at the monitoring and management of temperature and relative humidity in museums.Starting with a session on how temperature and humidity affect collections, you will then look at setting up dataloggers to get the most from them, how to interpret environmental data and finally how to manage your environment.Three weeks after the first four course sessions, there will be a discussion group / peer to peer session where you can ask further questions, bring any issues with temperature and relative humidity that you have experienced after returning to your museum and discuss your issues with the trainer and your fellow course attendees.

You do not have to book on all the sessions, however, you must have attended session 1 (understanding temperature and relative humidity) if you also wish to attend session 4 (managing the environment).

Session 1: 11 August: Understanding temperature and relative humidity, their relationship with each other and their impact on your collections.

Session 2: 18 August: Monitoring the environment. Setting up and using dataloggers.

Session 3: 25 August: Interpretation of, and planning with, environmental data.

Session 4: 08 September: Managing the environment.

Session 5: 29 September: Trainer and peer to peer discussion group.

This series of courses is suitable for staff / volunteers in London region museums, who have been trying to get to grips with these issues during lockdown, and would like to know more, are returning to a recently / about to be re-opened museum and want to feel more confident about interpreting what has been happening in their absence, or would just like a refresher about this subject.

Booking is open with immediate effect.For an application form please email Libby at [email protected]

Flattening the curve: dealing with pest problems and IPM post-lockdown’
26 August 2020: 14.00 – 16.00

Trainers: Abby Moore & Libby Finney, Museum of London

Sessions will open from 13.45 so please be in the room and ready to start at 14.00.

This short online Zoom course is designed to help those who will be reopening museums and are concerned about dealing with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and possible pest problems.We will look at how your Integrated Pest Management programme may have been impacted by COVID closure, what to do when you reopen, from checking traps to identifying whether you may have pest problems and finally we will address what to do if you have identified an issue with pests.

This course is aimed at museum staff and volunteers who are responsible for pest monitoring or who may be having to deal with this for the first time when re-opening the museum.

Priority is given to staff and volunteers from London region museums. For a booking form please email Libby on [email protected] Booking is open with immediate effect.

Collection care training resources

To support training sessions run by the Collection Care team and to reach a wider audience, a range of e-learning and other tools have been developed.

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If you would like to find out more about the training courses, the support offered by the Regional Collection Care team, or to make suggestions for future training and support, please contact:

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