Digital Futures training programme

The London Museum Development team will work to ensure that museums are able to better harness the power of digital technology, to better manage their assets and potentially reach every adult and child in London.


Image of the Digital Futures 'Interactive Stories' training session

Museum Development Officers run training programmes and provide one-to-one support for museums right across London

Digital Futures training sessions

Creating Digital Content: How, What, Why?
Friday 24 August, 1 – 3.40pm
Museum of London, London Wall

Museums are in a very fortunate position – they have a wealth of objects, stories and histories waiting to be shared. But many organisations often struggle to know where to start, what to share and how to share it. In this briefing session, we will discuss the different ways in which museums create digital content using the objects, stories and histories available to them. From creating videos to photographing collections to creating 3D digital models. This session will touch on how you can create digital content and how other organisations are already doing it. This session will be followed by later training sessions on photographing museum collections, creating 3D digital models, making basic videos and designing interactive stories. Download a full course outline (PDF 185kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.

Photographing Museum Collections
Wednesday 5 September, 11am - 3pm
Museum of London, London Wall

This course will offer an introduction on how to take good quality images of museum objects. We will look at the types of image files extensions (raw, tiff and jpeg) available, and the differences between a low-resolution image and a high-resolution one, and when to use them. Attendees will be invited to take part in a hands-on workshop, learning how to make the most of their own photographic equipment, as well as using an entry-level professional kit. PLEASE NOTE: Bring your own camera and smartphone, if possible the one that you will be using at your institution. Download a full course outline (PDF 182kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.

Basic Video Making
Friday 21 September, 11am – 3.30pm
Museum of London, London Wall

This session will provide an introduction to making basic videos within the setting of a museum or gallery. This hands-on training session will offer participants the basic skills needed to create their own video content using their own devices; from mobile phones, to tablets, to cameras. The afternoon will give an introduction to editing this footage using free software. By the end of the session, participants will be inspired to make and perform basic editing on their own video content. Download a full course outline (PDF 200kb, opens in new tab). Please use our online form to book a place.